Is It Worth It To Buy MLM Leads For My Network Marketing Business? - Karin Angelly

Is It Worth It To Buy MLM Leads For My Network Marketing Business?

Is It Worth It To Buy MLM Leads For My Network Marketing Business? Is this a question you’ve asked yourself at one time or another?

Are you looking to buy or have you ever thought about buying MLM leads for your network marketing business?

One of the best ways to grow your downline is by finding people who are interested in what you have to offer. But how can you find those prospects and convince them that they should join your team?

One option is buying MLM leads. But is this the BEST way to build your downline?

The ultimate goal is to find a great way to get new prospects interested in what you’re selling.

So, if you’re thinking about buying mlm leads, this video will help with some questions like:
– Should I buy MLM leads?
– What other ways can you generate network marketing leads?
– If I buy leads, will I be able to sell my products or services once I’ve purchased these MLM Leads?

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  • [1:00] – If you’re brand new to network marketing, is it a good idea to buy MLM leads?
  • [03:19] – Ready to buy MLM leads for your network marketing business? Have you tried this instead?
  • [04:44] – Are you ready to generate more network marketing leads?

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Transcription Below

Is it worth it to buy MLM leads for your network marketing business? Is this something you’ve thought about doing and wish to grow faster in your business and hoping doing this?

Well, my name is Karin Angelly from I teach and train network marketers, how to build their business in the online space. And today I want to talk all about buying leads for your business and if it’s necessary or not.

So, listen, I’m here every single week, giving you tips, tricks and training on how to build your network marketing business. So go ahead and tap that subscribe button because I want to help you grow in any way possible.

So listen, if you’re at all curious about buying MLM leads and what that could mean for your business, I actually have a very special thing for you at the end of this video. So make sure that you hang out with me all the way till the end, because I got something for you that’s going to make your life so much easier.

So is it actually worth it to buy MLM leads for your business? In short, the answer in my opinion is no.

Okay. And I’m going to talk exactly how come I think this. The reason. I think that this is just not a great idea is especially if you are brand new, you most likely don’t have a lot of extra money. You probably got into your business because you want to make extra money and buying leads, let’s be honest, it costs money. It costs money and it can be frustrating. Okay.

The problem with buying leads for your network marketing business. And I discovered this because I tested this cause I just wanted to know, is this a thing that I can do? Is this going to help me grow? The thing I discovered when I was actually buying leads for my business, is that when you buy leads, Those leads generally don’t do anything.

Okay. I personally spent quite a bit of money buying leads, cause I wanted to see how, if I do it this way, does this work? If I do it that way, does it work? And what I found is that it ended up just being more frustrating than it was worth.

The other thing that I learned as well, is that a lot of times when we buy leads and the intention is to go out and start calling those leads, a lot of times, there are other companies that are selling those leads to other people as well. So you may not be the first network marketer that’s actually connecting in order to talk about your products or your business.

So what can happen is the people before you can really irritate the crap out of those leads and it can give those leads a bad taste in their mouth for network marketing. So I just find that buying leads is just not the best thing.

Let me ask you this. If you’re considering buying leads for your network marketing business, have you actually fully gone through your warm market? Have you exhausted it completely?

I know how it feels to have an exhausted warm market because I’ve been there and I understand what it means to actually need to have more people to talk to about your business and getting really frustrated. So I get it. But one thing I want to ask you is have you actually fully exhausted your warm market?

If the answer is no, what I recommend before you actually go out and start buying leads is that you actually go to the people that you have not spoken with yet get with your upline beforehand. Make sure you have a connection with, with your upline and talk to them about how you’re going to talk to your, with your prospects, but make sure that you talk to your warm market first.

If the answer is yes, I’ve already talked to all of my warm market and I have exhausted it, I get it. I’ve totally been there. Maybe instead of going out and buying leads, maybe your next step is actually connecting with more people in the online space, creating relationships with them, either through messenger or connecting with them on posts, connecting with them in all different ways.

And making sure that you’re creating and building relationships. Once you’ve built those relationships. Now you actually are building a new, happy, warm market. These people know you. I know a lot of people on, on my social media. Maybe they’ve never met me before, except for on social media.

They feel like they have a connection with me because I’m consistently sharing about myself. I’m consistently talking to them. I’m consistently being a part of their lives. So I actually have built that warm market in the online space. So before you go out and buy leads, ask yourself, can you actually go to your social media accounts and start building relationships with people in that way first?

So if you’re thinking about buying your leads, maybe it’s time to think about doing something a little bit differently. Maybe it’s time to start thinking about how you can actually generate network marketing leads. I personally have found that when I actually generate network marketing leads instead of going out and buying them those generated network marketing leads, Actually have a stronger connection with me and are more likely to want to buy my products and join my team.

So ask yourself. Maybe instead of going out and buying leads, maybe we should switch that mindset to generating leads. And maybe you’re confused as to how in the heck do you do this?

I personally do this with something called attraction marketing. I absolutely love what attraction marketing has done for my business and helping me grow.

So listen, if you’re curious about how you can actually start attracting customers, business builders and new leads and prospects into your business, I actually left a link for you in the description where you can actually learn about how you can actually generate new leads for your business.

So go ahead and check that out in the description. I left it down there for you. It’s a fabulous resource. That’s going to give you a to Z on how to build your business with attraction marketing.

So make sure you check that out. Can’t wait to hear how it helps you.

Now go build your unicorn empire.

Karin 🦄


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