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Does Spirulina Help You Lose Weight And Should I Try Xelliss Spirulina

Does spirulina help you lose weight and should I try Xelliss Spirulina? This is a common question I know many people have when it comes to trying spirulina.

In this video I want to help you understand how spirulina can help you lose weight, and why I think that the Xelliss Spirulina is the absolute best for doing this.

I also found this amazing abstract article where a group of wrestlers were given spirulina to help them lose weight, and how they showed a significant decrease in weight compared to the placebo group! How COOL is this?

But not all spirulina’s are created the same! I will never use any other spirulina other than the Xelliss spirulina for myself, and the big reason for that is because of how it is farmed and produced in the Xelliss photobioreactors.

Today I want to answer the common question of, “Will spirulina help you to lose weight?”

I will also touch upon, “Can you lose weight fast with spirulina?”

And finally, “How much spirulina do you take?”

I will also share how the Xelliss spirulina is created in photobioreactors to make it the most powerful spirulina you will find on the planet.

Spirulina is an easy to take supplement that supports nutrition, weight loss, and many other health goals that will keep you happy and healthy throughout life.

Because of this, I will always consume spirulina every single day!

To order some for yourself with a 30 day money back guarantee and to get the amazing benefits of spirulina for yourself, click here and choose the A3 NAT Spirulina Capsules OR spirulina Powder. And for weight loss specifically, choose the X3 MicroBiome. Make sure my name, Karin Angelly, is in the upper left hand corner as well:

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  • [00:00] – Does Spirulina Help You Lose Weight And Should I Try Xelliss Spirulina?
  • [01:10] – Will spirulina help you lose weight?
  • [02:40] – Can you lose weight fast taking spirulina?
  • [04:59] – How much spirulina do you take to lose weight fast?
  • [08:40] – How you can get a hold of the Xelliss spirulina at a phenomenal discount right now!

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Transcription Below

Will Spirulina help you lose weight and should you try the Xelliss spirulina? These are some common questions that I get and I wanted to share my thoughts on it.

Well, my name is Karin Angelly from I teach and train network marketers how to build their business in the online space. And I also talk about some of my favorite products and services as well. And today I want to dive into all the questions that come up when talking about Spirulina and can you lose weight with it?

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So let’s get into why you should be taking spirulina every single day and why I think that the Xelliss spirulina is the best spirulina that you can possibly take. And listen if you want to try my favorite spirulina, that Xelliss spirulina for 20% off, stick around until the end because I want to share with you how you can actually get decreased prices just by just by trying the product and loving it.

So let’s get into spirulina and weight loss because weight loss is a pretty significant effect that can happen when somebody is taking spirulina. There’s actually three ways, Actually more than three ways, but three ways that I came up with that.

I love that spirulina does for you, that helps you lose weight. The first thing it does, it’s actually boosting your metabolism. Okay, when I first started taking spirulina, I felt like, wonder woman. Okay, you have a ridiculous amount of energy and it’s literally boosting your metabolism, giving you that extra energy and because you have that boost of extra energy, you’re more likely to be doing things and you’re feeling good.

So you’re running around like a fun person and you’re ultimately burning more calories. Okay, who doesn’t want to burn more calories? Okay, it’s a really freaking cool side effect of taking spirulina. The second thing that the spirulina does is it actually contains every single vitamin nutrient mineral protein that your body needs.

So because you’re getting everything that your body needs supplemented for your body, your body has fewer cravings, You’re not going in the middle of the night looking for something in refrigerator because you actually feel like your body has everything it needs. And so it has fewer cravings, it’s that good.

And the third thing it does, and this is what it did for me, it decreased my appetite. Okay, I didn’t feel like I needed to have that two o’clock snack in the afternoon or that midnight snack and I, my appetite was just so much more decreased.

It’s phenomenal what this can do for weight loss. So, a really common question when it comes to Spirulina, is, can you actually lose weight fast? And I decided I would do a bit of research on this and I discovered that the answer is 100%. Absolutely, yes. I actually found some really cool periodicals that were peer reviewed and they sound that’s quite a few people were losing weight just by taking Spirulina.

Okay, Like, and you can lose weight fast and I’m going to share my story with it, but let me share other people’s stories with it first. Okay. I actually left a link in the description, so you can actually check This article out as well. But basically, this article was over a 12 day period and there were wrestlers that were told that they needed to lose weight.

Okay. And so there was a placebo group and then there was a spirulina group, people that wrestlers that were taking spirulina and then wrestlers that weren’t, there was actually a significant amount of fat loss and fat percentage loss on the people that were taking the spirulina. Like you can go ahead and look at it right now, like no joke, it’s really cool and it was it was over a 12 day period.

So yes, it can happen fast. So can you lose weight with the Xelliss Spirulina? 100%. Yes, just by taking this green spirulina. I’ve heard of people losing 50 pounds like up to 50 pounds like this is nuts, what’s happening. And then the other cool thing is that Xelliss actually has a product that’s formulated to help your gut as well, it’s called the Xelliss X3 Microbiome.

And what I discovered this product actually has spirulina. It has prebiotics, it has probiotics and it makes your gut feel amazing. And what I discovered with that product alone is that I lost 7 pounds in two weeks and then I also lost inches everywhere.

The inches is what really makes me excited. Okay, so I lost two inches around my waist. I lost an inch around my chest, around my arms. I lost an inch. Like I was like, that’s exciting when you’re like, oh my gosh, my shirts fit better. My pants fit better. It’s really cool. And that was just by taking this lovely product here.

I actually take both of these products together and have found that yes, you can lose weight fast and you can feel better just by taking these products alone. So how much Spirulina should you take if you want to see significant health benefits and actually lose weight.

So what I’ve discovered is that the happy point of taking spirulina is about 1 to 3 g. Okay, taking 1-3 g of spirulina every day. Can absolutely help you lose weight and help you feel amazing. Now, if you’re taking the  Xelliss green powder, you literally take two spoons.

There’s a little there’s a little spoon in here. You take two of these little spoons. Okay? And what I do is I put this in my morning shake and it’s actually given you with the two spoons. It’s giving you three g of spirulina.

Now, if you are like me when I first started, I didn’t really like the taste of the powder. My husband loves it. He thinks it tastes just like green tea. I don’t like green tea. So I’m not a green tea. Like it’s not for me. But you can actually, you can actually flavor it. I have a really great stevia flavor that I use with this and I love it.

But if you’re like me, whenever I first started taking the spirulina and I realized that I didn’t like the taste of it. You can also take the A three caps. Okay, when you take four of these capsules, you’re actually going to be getting two g of spirulina. So really you’re getting more spirulina, you’re getting three g of spirulina when you put two spoons of this, but you still feel freaking amazing when you use either one because it’s the exact same product.

This one is just literally in a capsule formula and this one is in a green powder formula. So you can put it in smoothies, you can put it like what I do. I mix I mix my microbiome. I mix this little packet, it comes in a little packet just like this. I make this little packet with my green spirulina and I put my little stevia sweetener in there and I drink it up and it’s delicious and like I said, just by doing all of that together, I have lost some significant inches around my waist.

Okay, really freaking cool what this product does. I think that the Xelliss spirulina is by far the most amazing spirulina that you could possibly use and the reason for that is how it’s farmed in, how it’s produced. So Xelliss has actually patented its own way of creating the spirulina that I know and love, it’s created in those Xelliss photo bioreactors.

And literally spirulina is created normally in ponds and lakes. Okay, and think about, think about all the different environmental factors that go into creating some sort of algae in a pond or lake. Okay, Spirulina is actually an algae. Okay, so it grows in that pond or that lake.

The problem is is that you can’t control the sunlight, You can’t control toxins, you can’t control animals, you can’t control anything when it comes to the environment. You literally harvest the algae as is and you could have good algae or you could have not so good algae.

The beauty of the Xelliss spirulina is, it’s actually farmed in the photo bioreactors that are freaking amazing. They controlled temperature that control light, they control toxins. Nothing that you don’t want in your spirulina can actually get into the spirulina. And so to me this is the best, most powerful spirulina I have ever tried.

And this spirulina has actually won quite a few awards for being top notch. Like literally you can’t find another spirulina just like this one. And I actually did a video recently telling you all the differences between the Spirulina and why I think that it’s so much better. So go ahead and check that out. I’ll leave a link up there for you.

So listen at the beginning of this video, I told you that you could actually have a 20% discount just by trying these products I want to share with you, how you can get that 20% discount. The best way to try the Xelliss Spirulina is to actually become a privileged customer.

Now, I left a link for you in the description so that you can actually sign up easily as a privileged customer. When you go to sign up as a privileged customer, make sure that my name, Karin Angelly is in that upper left hand corner, otherwise I won’t be able to help you. Okay, so make sure my name is in the upper left hand corner.

And go ahead and choose either the Spirulina capsules or the Spirulina powder. And then I 100% recommend that you use the microbiome along with it because it’s just that amazing combination that makes you feel good, gives you a boost in energy. Has your gut feel healthy? You lose weight, you feel amazing. All right, so try it all together. You will not be sorry.

Now go build your unicorn empire.

Karin 🦄


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Network Marketing Unicorn - Karin Angelly says 04/11/2021

To order some for yourself with a 30 day money back guarantee and to get the amazing benefits of spirulina for yourself, click here and choose the A3 NAT Spirulina Capsules OR spirulina Powder. And for weight loss specifically, choose the X3 MicroBiome. Make sure my name, Karin Angelly, is in the upper left hand corner as well:

DETOX says 05/06/2021

I use drink spirulina and I use it in retention enemas. Both together give me excellent results.

    Network Marketing Unicorn - Karin Angelly says 05/07/2021

    Yeah. I remember you telling me this. So glad you love your results with spirulina! It’s a great product!

    DETOX says 05/07/2021

    @Network Marketing Unicorn – Karin Angelly I am a huge fan of using naturopathic remedies that use enemas, because I feel that the stomach acids will weaken or destroy the potency. I have been using enemas for more than twenty-five years since I was thirteen years old for the health benefits.

    Network Marketing Unicorn - Karin Angelly says 05/07/2021

    @DETOX i agree. I love using naturopathic remedies as well. And enemas have a lot of huge health benefits for sure!

Kate Loving Shenk says 05/10/2021

I’ve been taking Spirulina for years, and agree, it helps with mood, maintaining a balanced weight and nutritionally, it cannot be beat!!

    Karin says 05/13/2021

    I agree! I absolutely love spirulina and all of the health benefits it has for you!

Trine Feuerborn says 05/10/2021

I had never heard of this product before. Thanks for sharing.

    Karin says 05/13/2021

    You’re so welcome! I absolutely love what it has done for me!

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